2001 News Story

Prince Nayef issues statement on series of bombings

The Minister of Interior Prince Nayef bin Abdulaziz issued a statement today that the perpetrators of the series of explosions that took place in Al-Khobar and in Riyadh from November 2000 to March this year, had been identified, and had confessed. They are all of British nationality. Prince Nayef cautioned that the investigations into the series of bombing incidents are still ongoing, and the full results will be announced in due course.

Transcripts of the confessions, reported on Saudi TV today following the 3 p.m. local news, quoted James Lee as saying that he and James Cottle had been hired in November 2000 to carry out the bombings, and in December had received specific orders for the Al-Khobar incident. In January, they received further orders, and set a bomb in Euromarche, with the assistance of a third person, Les Walker. In March, they set a bomb near the Jarir bookstore. Mr. Cottle confirmed these facts. Mr. Walker also confirmed them, adding that the Euromarche incident was for the purpose of confusing the police, and to assist Alexander Mitchell [already charged] and his colleagues.