2001 News Story

Supreme Judicial Council speaks out against terrorist acts

Chairman of the Supreme Judicial Council Shaikh Salih Al-Luheidan has stated that Islam condemns aggression against innocent people. Commenting on Saudi Television on the recent developments in the United States, Shaikh Al-Luheidan declared that it is incumbent on Saudi Arabia to denounce the attacks, since the Kingdom is ruled by Islamic Shariah [Law]. He pointed out that the Saudi ulema (religious scholars) have in the past specifically denounced the hijacking of planes, viewing such a crime as a prohibited and unacceptable act, irrespective of whether the passengers are Muslim or non-Muslim, because terrorizing any person is viewed as perversion. He went on to state that in Islam, innocent persons are never held responsible for any criminal act. Moreover, he said, the American people, as the defenders of democracy, will not hold innocent people responsible for such acts.

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