2001 News Story

Kingdom's UN Ambassador again condemns Israeli policy

In a statement to the United Nations General Assembly, the Permanent Representative to the UN Fawzi Shobokshi reiterated the Kingdom's condemnation and disapproval of the continued Israeli occupation of Palestinian and Arab territories, and its expansionist policy against Palestinian people, confiscating their lands and destroying their properties. He went on to note that the Kingdom welcomes the statement of U.S. President George W. Bush before the UN General Assembly in which he said that violence in Palestine is the responsibility of all parties concerned, and that Palestine and Israel need to coexist as two independent countries. Saudi Arabia, he said, looks for intensification of international efforts for the resumption of peace talks and implementation of UN resolutions 242 and 338. He cited the many UN resolutions that have been issued concerning the illegality of occupation of others' lands by means of force; and the many resolutions that have called for the Palestinians to be returned to their homeland, or to be compensated.