2001 News Story

Conference in The Hague on Arab and Muslim relatiosn

Head of the Saudi arbitration team and assistant secretary-general of the Arab arbitration union Prince Dr. Bandar bin Salman bin Muhammad Al-Saud yesterday addressed the one-day international conference on strengthening relations with the Arab and Muslim Worlds through international law that was held in The Hague in the Netherlands. The conference discussed a number of legal and arbitration issues in the contemporary world, with special reference to the problems of electronic trade, the World Trade Organization (WTO), and foreign investments in Arab and Muslim countries. In his speech, Prince Dr. Bandar stressed the importance of informing the various countries of the world, through dialogue and discussion, of proper Arab and Islamic culture. He also observed that Saudi Arabia has set up a special committee to study developments in international commercial dealings, especially those involving electronic trade. Announcing that the third conference of the Arab arbitration union will be held this year in Tunisia, he referred to the first, in Cairo in 1997, and the second in Beirut in 1999, and stated that these periodical conferences aim at unifying arbitration terminology as well as dealing with any difficulties that might face arbitration processes in the Arab world. He also stressed the importance of foreign investment in Arab countries, adding that foreign investors can offer positive contributions to the transfer of technology and training of national cadres. He referred to the Kingdom's concern to join the WTO, but only while preserving its deep-rooted religious and cultural values.