2001 News Story

Prince Nayef deplores sympathizers of terrorists

Minister of Interior Prince Nayef bin Abdulaziz, inaugurating in Dammam yesterday the ninth conference of directors of police and traffic, remarked that in effect, all Saudi citizens are security personnel and unwaveringly dedicate their efforts in the service of their country. Reiterating the Kingdom's condemnation of all forms of terrorism, he commented that Saudi Arabia has suffered greatly from terrorism over the past two decades, adding: "Those who are now hidden in their caves or burrows have in fact been insulting your country; these irresponsible people have nothing to do with Islam." It is unfortunate, he said, that "certain quarters sympathize with these misled people". Declaring that no doubt should be cast on the belief and sincerity of the Kingdom's leadership and of its ulema (Muslim scholars), he affirmed that the Saudi people are "people of Islam, and our country is the cradle of Islam, and we are the people who implement shari'ah (Islamic Law)."