2001 News Story

Interior minister announces outcome of bombing investigation

Minister of Interior Prince Nayef bin Abdulaziz announced on television last night the outcome of investigations into two bombing incidents that took place in Riyadh last November.  Prince Nayef said that Alexander Mitchell, a Briton, William Sampson, a Canadian, and Ralph Skevins, a Belgian national, had confessed to their involvement in the bombings and that investigations are still in progress into nine others of various nationalities.  None of the suspects, he declared, is Saudi.  Officials from the embassies of those involved have been allowed to visit them.

Mitchell, known as 'Sandy', worked as an anesthetics technician at the Armed Forces Hospital in Riyadh. He confessed that he had received orders to set the explosion that occurred on Friday, November 17, 2000, and targeted Christopher Rodway, a British national. The bombing was carried out with Sampson's help.  Sampson, known as 'Bell', worked as a marketing advisor at the Saudi Industrial Development Fund.  He confessed that he had assisted Mitchell in planting explosive material in a car owned by Rodway and noted that Mitchell had obtained the explosive material through his own sources.  He said that two days after the first explosion which killed Rodway and injured his wife Jane, Mitchell ordered him to set up another explosion with the assistance of Skevins.  Skevins, who worked at the King Fahd National Guard Hospital, confessed to his role in the second bombing, which injured four three men and a woman, all British nationals working at a private company.