2001 News Story

Saudi-Yemeni border treaty under implementation

In Sana'a yesterday, Minister of Interior Prince Nayef bin Abdulaziz signed with his Yemeni counterpart Major-General Hussein Muhammad Arab minutes pertaining to the implementation of the border treaty and its annexes. Following the signing, Prince Nayef remarked that the two sides are working as one team, and in a statement prior to his departure from Sana'a, he declared that the talks had been one hundred percent successful, and that the border treaty would be implemented, opening new horizons in economic and investment fields. This mutual satisfaction was reflected in a joint press release issued today, which spoke of "the spirit of coherence that prevailed" during the meetings. The two ministers, it said, had given directives to the concerned authorities to proceed with the final preparations to determine the border crossings, and it was agreed to deal with delegation of authority at the borders at the next meeting in Riyadh.

During his two-day state visit to Yemen, Prince Nayef was received yesterday by President of Yemen Ali Abdullah Saleh, with whom he discussed issues of mutual interest.

At a press conference on Saturday prior to his departure for Yemen, Prince Nayef answered a question concerning the recent explosion at the Euromarché supermarket in Riyadh by saying that lab examination has revealed that it was caused not by firecrackers as originally stated, but by explosive material suspected to be TNT, the work, he said, "of an irresponsible body", and not related to any other incident.