2001 News Story

SABIC to revamp trademarks for overseas marketing

In a press release today on the occasion of its 25th anniversary, Saudi Basic Industries Corporation (SABIC) announced the revamping of the trademarks of its portfolio of products in order to enhance customer value and reflect the company's global nature. SABIC, a trustworthy supplier whose products are known worldwide for their excellence and fair price, will now present its brand names in such a way as to complement its overall corporate identity, utilizing color and a distinctive design based on the Arabic letter 'K' that is flexible enough to give strong recognition to individual products

Making the announcement, SABIC's Deputy Chairman and Managing Director Muhammad Al-Mady said: "There is no debate about the power and importance of brand as a means of differentiating a company from competitors, maintaining customer loyalty and providing a focus for employees' sense of belonging. ….. As the world shrinks and both people and companies become international in their thinking and their activities, success will increasingly belong to those companies with global recognition through global brands."