2000 Public Statement

Royal Court statement on death of Syrian President
The Royal Court made the following announcement this evening on the death of President Hafez Al-Assad of the Syrian Arab Republic.

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has received with deep sorrow and grief the news of the death of Syrian President Hafez Al-Assad, a leader who had sincerely dedicated his efforts in the service of the Arab and Muslim causes. The Syrian Arab Republic accomplished significant development and civilizational achievements under the leadership of the late President, and these achievements will remain as a memorial to him. The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, its leadership, government and people, condoles the Syrian government and people on the occasion of this mournful event, and would like to affirm its inalienable stance beside the fraternal Syrian people and whoever they may select as a successor for the late president to resume work in the service of the country and the Arab world. We pray to God Almighty to bless the deceased with His Grace and to let him take his place in Paradise.