2000 News Story

Justice minister addresses issue of human rights

In a lecture at the headquarters of the Muslim World League in Makkah yesterday, Minister of Justice Sheikh Abdullah Bin Muhammad Al-Asheikh decried criticism of the implementation of Islamic penal laws, which, he declared, aim at combating crime and creating a healthy environment where vice is contained. Islam, he said, honors and protects mankind from all evil, and provides the best legislation for serving the interests of the people. Saudi Arabia is known as a country that has successfully lowered its crime rate. Implementation of the Islamic shariah [Law] aims at preserving not only religion and the soul, but also man's mind, his honor and his  property.

For his part, MWL's Secretary-General Dr. Abdullah Al-Obeid said that his organization will continue to project Islam properly and correct wrong concepts in the western societies, noting that this summer there will be an international seminar in London on the Muslim family.