2000 News Story

IIRO continues to assist war victims in Eritrea

The International Islamic Relief Organization (IIRO), whose headquarters are in Jeddah, has resumed its

assistance to war victims in Eritrea by supplying basic relief materials and foodstuffs. Earlier aid has

benefited almost 37,000 displaced persons in coordination with the Royal Embassy of Saudi Arabia in

Asmara and the Eritrean Relief and Refugee Commission (ERREC).
IIRO has also been carrying out relief operations for Eritrean refugees in eastern Sudan. It has constructed

four mosques and four schools benefiting some 500 refugee students. It has also supplied 1,500 tents,

conducted a campaign for inoculating women and children against tuberculosis, distributed a large amount

of clothing in addition to foodstuffs that included 60 tons of dates, and supplied water to the refugee

camps, benefiting 20,000 people.