2000 News Story

Arab League foreign ministers meet in Cairo

In a statement today following their meeting in Cairo the foreign ministers of the League of Arab States attested to the fact that the issue of Al-Quds [Jerusalem] would remain the core of conflict and the key to

peace in the region and that any solution that does not take it into consideration would never be successful. Any alterations to the city through settlement, land confiscation, or property usurpation would be considered null and void in accordance with United Nations Security Council resolutions 252 and 267. 
The statement also draws the international community's attention to the Security Council resolution 478

issued in 1980 calling on all countries of the world not to move their embassies to Jerusalem. It also recalled the 11th Arab Summit in Amman in 1980 stating that Arab states should sever all relations with countries which do this, or otherwise recognize Al-Quds as Israel's capital. The statement calls on the co-sponsors of peace in the Middle East to exercise justice and remove grievances from the Palestinian people who have been suffering for more than five decades, and urges the international community, in particular the permanent members of the UN Security Council, to recognize the State of Palestine, when it is announced, as having Al-Quds [Jerusalem] as its capital. It further calls on the United Nations, and the Security Council in particular, to create a mechanism to guarantee the implementation of the resolutions in support of the rights of the Palestinians.

The statement also underscores the importance of providing support to Somalia and its new president through an Arab 'Marshall Plan', and of enhancing the Egyptian-Libyan initiative for solving the problem of Sudan.
Meanwhile, the ministerial committee charged with studying mechanisms for holding Arab Summits

periodically held its meeting yesterday under the chairmanship of Omani Minister of State for Foreign Affairs Yusef bin Alawi bin Abdullah. Constituting the committee are the foreign ministers of Egypt, Oman, Syria, Tunisia and Yemen. The ministers agreed on a mechanism to hold annual Arab Summits, noting that it would later be presented to the main conference.