2000 News Story

Kingdom condemns Israeli aggression against Palestinians

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Riyadh has released a statement condemning Israel's aggressive and

vicious acts against the Palestinian people, declaring: "The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia wishes to express its

deep anxiety over developments in the situation, and holds the Israeli government responsible for the

inhuman acts practiced against the Palestinian people. These inhuman acts have provided clear evidence

that Israel does not respect international law and the Fourth Geneva Convention, and prove, moreover,

that Israel has been disregarding the principles of the Middle East peace process in a way that undermines

peace and security in the region."

The statement went on to point out that the recent provocative visit to Al-Aqsa Mosque by Likud Party

leader Ariel Sharon accompanied by regular Israeli armed forces, together with the shots fired at

worshippers at Al-Aqsa Mosque and the subsequent mass killings and random shootings by Israeli forces,

have emphasized that the ongoing developments "were prearranged by the Israeli government in order to

undermine the ongoing efforts for realization of peace in the Middle East and to drag the region into the

maelstrom of violence and destruction."
The statement concluded: "The Government of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia calls on the international

community and the UN Security Council and its permanent members, in particular the United States of

America, to shoulder their responsibility in this respect and take the required measures in line with the

Charter of the United Nations, including its seventh chapter.
"Furthermore, the Saudi Government wishes to confirm its support for the Palestinian people to obtain

their legitimate rights, including the right to return to their homeland and establish their independent state

with Jerusalem as its capital in line with the relevant UN resolutions."