2000 News Story

Health insurance seminar in Riyadh

Minister of Health Dr. Osama Shobokshi today inaugurated a seminar on the implementation of the new

system of health insurance, organized by the medical committee at the Riyadh Chamber of Commerce and

Industry in collaboration with Al-Mashwara Health Care Consultancy. Head of the medical committee

Sultan Al-Salih said the implementation of the health insurance system will benefit all parties, pave the

way for improvement in the health services, and have a positive impact on investment projects,

particularly in the field of pharmaceutics and medical supplies.
Dr. Shobokshi stated that the Saudi government had opted for the system in order to realize the goals of

community cooperation, rationalization of expenditure and improvement of the health services. The

seminar will review such topics as the expected impact of the system, how to benefit from the experience

of other countries, and existing medical insurance in the Kingdom.