1999 News Story

Deputy interior minister comments on Al-Khobar bombing

At a press conference in Jeddah following a meeting with students from Makkah Province yesterday, Deputy Interior Minister Prince Ahmed Bin Abdul Aziz answered a question on Hani Al-Sayegh, the Saudi suspect extradited by the United States to the Kingdom a few weeks ago. Prince Ahmed gave assurances that investigations into the Al-Khobar bombing in 1996 were proceeding smoothly, but said he could not comment on them, having no access to the investigations, except to say that Al-Sayegh was in good health and that the results would be announced at the proper time.

To a question on his expectations concerning the new sponsorship system recently announced by Deputy Prime Minister and Commander of the National Guard Crown Prince Abdullah Bin Abdul Aziz, Prince Ahmed declared that the general principles involved are in the best interests of the nation, the citizens, and the expatriates, but that he does not as yet have details of the system.