1999 News Story

Saudi delegation attends POW meeting in Geneva

Meetings of the tripartite committee on prisoners-of-war, both Kuwaiti and non-Kuwaiti, who have still

not been returned, were held in Geneva last Wednesday. At a press conference following the meetings,

head of the Saudi delegation Prince Turki Bin Muhammad Bin Saud, from the office for international

organizations at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, described Iraq's threats to withdraw its recognition of

its border with Kuwait as absolutely unacceptable, and constituting a flagrant violation of international

resolutions and conventions. He added that if the Iraqi leaders are concerned about an honorable life

for their people, they should comply with the UN resolutions. Asked about Iraqi allegations that the

United States of America had used Saudi territory for launching attacks on Iraq, Prince Turki stated that

the Kingdom has frequently reiterated its position of never tolerating such a situation, and that the Iraqi

allegations in this respect are false and untrue.