1999 News Story

Women's Activities in Jenadriyah Highly Successful

Chairperson of the Women's Committee for the National Heritage and Culture Festival Princess Abeer bint Turki today expressed delight at the great success achieved at Jenadriyah in the area of women's activities, saying that there is clear evidence that Saudi women have begun to play a vital role and display a strong presence in almost all activities of national life.

Meanwhile, Princess Adla bint Abdullah Ibn Abdul Aziz yesterday participated in the Kingdom's centennial celebrations by inaugurating a symposium at the club facility of the King Khaled National Guard Hospital in Jeddah. Discussing with women the importance of health care, she stated that ever since the establishment of the country by King Abdul Aziz, there has been concern to set up hospitals, clinics, and colleges of medical science, saying: "Today we see the National Guard in the Western Region taking initiative in this field to make people aware of the importance of health care".