1999 News Story

Islamic symposium in Austria ends with positive resolutions

The Saudi delegation led by Minister of Islamic Affairs, Endowments, Call and Guidance Sheikh Saleh Bin Abdulaziaz Al-AsSheikh left Austria today after attending the symposium on images of Islam in the curricula of schools in the West. The symposium was organized by the Muslim World League (MWL) at the Islamic Cultural Center in Vienna. Speakers at the final session reiterated the positive impact throughout history, of civilizations interacting, citing the influence of Islamic civilization on European culture and philosophy. The symposium reviewed the main obstacles facing understanding among peoples, and intimated that many people in the West have wrong conceptions about Islam and Muslims. There was consensus that these wrong conceptions should be monitored, and attempts made to correct them, in addition to making positive efforts to convey true and clear images of Islam to western societies.
The speakers also reiterated the importance of broadening the scope of dialogue among all cultural, religious and educational institutions in Europe for the sake of correcting wrong images and explaining the true image of Islam. They called for periodic meetings to be called specifically to discuss the image of Islam and Muslims as reflected in the curricula of schools in western countries, and passed a resolution to form a committee under MWL supervision to follow up the symposium's recommendations.