1999 News Story

Foreign Minister's visit to Russia

Foreign Minister Prince Saud Al-Faisal, who is currently on an official visit to Moscow, yesterday held a second round of talks with a number of senior Russian officials. The talks focused on bilateral relations as well as regional and international issues of mutual interest.  The need was expressed to promote continued cooperation and coordination between the two countries. 

In a statement to Saudi Television from Moscow, Prince Saud said that the issue was discussed of misconceptions about Islam and its goals that were being projected by the media.  He stressed that Islam is based on cordiality, understanding, stability, and the preservation of innocent lives. In this context, he reaffirmed the great role being undertaken by Saudi Arabia, and referred to the preference of King Fahd to be called Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques instead of His Majesty.  He added that the Kingdom does not interfere in the affairs of others; and that by the same token, it does not allow others to intervene in its affairs.
At a press conference, Prince Saud spoke on a number of issues, including the need to work to bring about justice and terminate the ethnic cleansing being pursued by the Yugoslavian authorities in Kosovo, recalling the earlier tragic happenings in Bosnia-Herzegovina.  He expressed the hope that Russian Prime Minister, Yevgeny Primakov, would be able to put an end to the Serbian aggression and bring about peace during his visit to Yugoslavia. Prince Saud also spoke about the Middle East, stating that the United Nations needs to shoulder its responsibilities, and indicating that if the Security Council is unable to discharge its role in the difficult humanitarian circumstances, then some other international organization should fill the vacuum.