1999 News Story

Saudi aid to Kosovar refugees

It is almost one year since Saudi Arabia launched its relief campaign for Kosovo, when the first batch of refugees reached Albania. The first shipments of Saudi relief were ordered by the Government of Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques King Fahd Bin Abdul Aziz upon a request from the government of Albania.

Yesterday, another plane left Riyadh for Tirana, carrying two tons of foodstuffs, one ton of medical supplies, eight tons of liquid milk, one ton of blankets and one ton of medical supplies, and on Friday, there was a plane carrying six tons of blankets, clothes, shoes and flour. The Saudi Joint Relief Committee for Kosovo reported that yesterday alone it had distributed eleven tons of blankets and foodstuffs to the Kosovar refugees. This aid is reaching distant parts of the country, with part of the relief being distributed through an Islamic organization from Kosovo called 'Mashikha', whose members are dispersed throughout the neighboring countries, and which is especially active in the western part of Macedonia.
Meanwhile, it was announced that President of the Republic of Albania Rexhep Meidani will open tomorrow the Saudi field hospital in Tirana, designed to provide services to the refugees from Kosovo.  The hospital has been completed in two weeks, and is now ready to deal with all emergencies.