1999 News Story

Crown Prince Abdullah meets with Pope

It was announced yesterday that on Tuesday, May 25, 1999 a meeting was held in the Vatican between Crown Prince Abdullah Bin Abdul Aziz, Deputy Prime Minister and Commander of the National Guard, and His Holiness the Pope. The discussion focussed on the issue of Al-Qu'ds [Jerusalem], with the Saudi side emphasizing that this is the core of the Palestinian issue and that there can be no solution to the Middle East problem without its restoration to Arab sovereignty in accordance with UN resolution 242.  Crown Prince Abdullah denounced Israel's measures aimed at judaization of the city, alteration of its identity, and defamation of its sanctity, in flagrant defiance of UN resolution 252.  At the end of the meeting, Crown Prince Abdullah expressed the hope that the Vatican would use its international leverage and status to address the problem of what the Arabs, and the Christian Arabs in particular, have been facing in the city of Al-Qu'ds due to the tyrannical measures of displacement enforced by the Israeli authorities.  He called on the Pope to use his good offices in this regard.