1999 News Story

Kingdom to observe Deseritification Day

Saudi Arabia will observe tomorrow the international day for combating desertification. Speaking on the occasion, Minister of Agriculture and Water Dr. Abdullah Bin Abdulaziz Bin Mu'amar said that the intention is to focus on the negative impact of desertification on agricultural production, and consequently on the resources of human foodstuffs, affecting health as well as lifestyle. Dr. Mu'amar stated that Saudi Arabia carries out annual evaluations of its natural resources, pointing out the expansion of green areas in the Kingdom, and referring to the successful project of checking the movements of sand dunes.

Observance of this day reaffirms the Kingdom's solidarity with the international community in the face of environmental problems, which have been of concern to Saudi Arabia ever since its founding by King Abdul Aziz. Located in the western hemisphere's desert belt, Saudi Arabia is one of the driest countries in the world. It has therefore implemented a great many projects and special programs to preserve its natural resources. The Saudi government took part in the first conference on desertification in Nairobi in 1977, and has been actively involved at all levels to combat this problem, as part of its ongoing contribution to eliminating hunger and poverty in the world and to ensuring a better future for humanity.