1999 News Story

Shura Council begins third year of second session

The Consultative Council (Majlis Al-Shura) held a regular meeting today under the chairmanship of Sheikh Muhammad Bin Ibrahim Bin Jubair, and discussed the 1997 annual reports of a number of government bodies, including the Civil Service Bureau, and the Ministry of Industry and Electricity.
Yesterday, the Shura Council held the first meeting of its third year in its second session. During this meeting Chairman Bin Jubair briefed the Council on the founding conference of the Federation of Islamic Consultative Councils which was held in Tehran last week.  He praised its resolutions, and affirmed that it would be beneficial to all Islamic states and to their people, who are in dire need of solidarity and unity in today's world.  The Council then reviewed a number of annual reports, including that of the Ministry of Pilgrimage.