1999 News Story

SPA to dispatch news and photos via Internet

It was announced today that the Saudi Press Agency (SPA) is starting a new system for the dispatch of news and photos through the Internet. SPA will now be offering its news and photo services electronically in Arabic, English and French. This will provide easy, comprehensive and fast media access. SPA is currently using computer network in its daily operations including transmission, reception and editing.

SPA recently conducted a study on its satellite services, concentrating on the two main channels. The first is an agreement with United Press International (UPI) to transmit SPA's services via its wide-range system comprising five satellites. This project will guarantee fast transmission and reception and lead to termination of telegraphic and cable transmissions which are costly and slow to operate. SPA also plans a comprehensive system for the preservation and filing of the over two million documents in its information center.
For photo services, SPA has advanced digital equipment for transmission and reception, digital cameras and digital color photography laboratories. Other facilities are a newly-constructed lecture hall, and the latest in translation booths and modern projection methods.