1999 News Story

Prince Sultan at press conference in Kuwait

In Kuwait today Prince Sultan Bin Abdul Aziz, Second Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of

Defense and Aviation and Inspector-General, stated that the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC)

would not mediate in any dispute between the United States and Iran, since this is a

bilateral matter. On the other hand, he urged Iran to take into consideration the

importance of solving its dispute with the United Arab Emirates (UAE), while seeking

cooperation with all GCC member states. He went on to say that Iran should deal with the

issue of the three UAE islands positively and realistically, and should consider its common

interests with the GCC.

Commenting on Iraq's rejection of the United Nations resolutions on Kuwait, Prince Sultan,

differentiating between Iraq’s people and their ruler, stated that he considered the Iraqis

as brothers in the Arabian Gulf region, sharing many interests and cultures, and expressed

the hope that Saddam Hussein would see reason and comply with the UN resolutions in order

to rescue his people from the continuing disaster.
Prince Sultan is currently on a tour of the GCC states, and has already visited the UAE,

Qatar and Bahrain.