1999 News Story

Preparations begin for Hajj of 2000

Preparations are underway for the pilgrimage season of the year 2000.  The third and last

phase of the project to erect fire-proof tents in Mina is scheduled to begin soon. A total

of 27,000 tents were erected in the first and second phases, and 16,000 more will be put up

on the 887,000 square meter area.

Meanwhile, the coordinating committee for the local pilgrims’ guide (tawafa) organizations

is negotiating with three Saudi banks to finance a project for the purchase of 1,500

fifty-seat buses to be used to transport pilgrims during the Hajj season. There are some

700 local tawafa organizations, and the Ministry of Pilgrimage is issuing licenses for them

in accordance with special standards to ensure that each looks after only 1,000 pilgrims.