1999 News Story

Tripartite oil ministers' meeting issues communiqué
Following their meeting yesterday in Caracas, the oil ministers of Mexico, Venezuela and Saudi Arabia issued a joint communiqué as follows.

"The ministers met in the Venezuelan capital of Caracas on August 28, 1999, to review the

developments of the situation of the world oil market. The ministers observed with

satisfaction the gradual return of the oil market to equilibrium, the improvement in price

rates since their last meeting, and the commitment of their countries along with the other

oil producers to reduce supplies in order to stabilize the market.
"After reviewing the current oil market conditions and potentials, they agreed that price

stability and sustainability necessitates continuing to enforce the agreement on production

cuts through March 2000, in order to bring world petroleum stocks to their normal levels

and allow sustainable growth in global oil supply and demand.
"The ministers recognized the high degree of compliance to the agreed cuts as the major

factor that has contributed to market stability and consistency in oil prices, and

reaffirmed that continued adherence to the agreed cuts in the months ahead is necessary for

oil market equilibrium. The ministers remain convinced that OPEC member countries and other

oil exporters will continue to comply with the agreed output quotas until stocks return to

normal levels. As world oil consumption effectively recovers, a new global supply and

demand balance will be sustained at a stable price level consistent with a healthy global

economic environment.
"The ministers will continue to consult with each other, in order to exchange views and

closely monitor world market developments.  They also agreed to maintain consultations with

other oil producers for the shared objective of achieving a stable oil market at

remunerative prices for producers and continued and reliable oil supplies for consumers."