1999 News Story

Interior minister comments on Al-Sayegh case

Minister of Interior Prince Nayef Bin Abdul Aziz today commented on the case of Hani

Al-Sayegh, a suspect in the explosion in Al-Khobar, who has just been extradited to the

Kingdom from the United States of America.  Prince Nayef confirmed that the Saudi

authorities have specific information and evidence concerning Al-Sayegh's involvement in

the terrorist action in Al-Khobar three years ago, and expressed appreciation to the United

States for responding to the Kingdom's appeal to let him stand trial in his own country.

Prince Nayef reiterated Saudi Arabia's concern for the security and safety of its people

wherever they are, and to fight terrorism and its sources, cooperating with other countries

whenever needed.  He went on to say that the suspect is now under Saudi justice, and will

be interrogated and tried according to Islamic Shariah. He added that Saudi Arabia appeals

to other countries to extradite any suspects who have sought refuge in them.
Last Friday, Prince Nayef, in declaring that the Kingdom's security authorities were in

possession of information that Al-Sayegh was involved in the Al-Khobar bombing, added that

there were three other suspects still at large.