1999 News Story

New book on Crown Prince Abdullah's travel diplomacy

The Jareer Press in Riyadh will soon issue a book covering the visits paid by Deputy Prime Minister and Commander of the National Guard Crown Prince Abdullah Bin Abdul Aziz to a number of countries including the United States, Britain, France, Italy, China, Japan, Korea and South Africa. The book, entitled 'Summit Diplomacy', details the outcome of the Crown Prince's visits at the political, economic, information and cultural levels as well as their positive impact on enhancing Saudi relations with these countries. The 283-page book, which constitutes an important political document, has a preface by Saudi Ambassador to the United Kingdom Dr. Ghazi Algosaibi and an introduction by Dr. Saad Al-Bazi, who lectures on literary criticism at King Saud University in Riyadh. The material for the book was prepared by a number of distinguished academicians, political analysts and journalists including Minister Iyad Madani, Dr. Fahd Al-Harethi, Dr. Turki Al-Hamad, Dr. Majed Al-Muneef, Dr. Ibrahim Al-Muhanna, Dr. Ihsan Bohleika, Dr. Khalid Al-Jindan and Mr. Rida Lari as well as the editors-in-chief of local newspapers who accompanied Prince Abdullah during his visits, Turki Al-Sudeiri of Al-Riyadh, Dr. Hashim Abdu Hashim of Okaz, Talat Wafa of Riyadh Daily, and Khalid Al-Mueena of Arab News.