December 28, 1999Council of Ministers meeting
December 28, 1999Shura Council meeting
December 27, 1999Kingdom gives aid to Algeria and to Chechnya
December 27, 1999King Fahd receives visiting dignitaries in Makkah
December 26, 1999Y2K committee gives reassurance on Kingdom's readiness
December 23, 1999Jenadriyah Festival to take place in February
December 21, 1999Finance minister comments on State Budget
December 21, 1999Electricity minister comments on SEC
December 20, 1999Saudi non-oil exports on the rise
December 20, 1999Council of Ministers meeting (State Budget 2000)
December 18, 1999New book on Crown Prince Abdullah's travel diplomacy
December 18, 1999King Faisal Prize awarded to Al-Azhar University
December 15, 1999Kingdom addresses UN on issue of dialogue
December 15, 1999Finance minister at Group of Twenty meeting in Berlin
December 15, 1999SAA extends smoking ban on international flights
December 14, 1999New electricity company announced
December 14, 1999New company for international petrochemicals set up
December 14, 1999Council of Ministers meeting
December 11, 1999First Friday prayers of Holy Month of Ramadan
December 11, 1999Saudi Arabia and U.S. agree to tax exemption on shipping
December 09, 1999Oil minister gives speech at CSIS energy conference
December 08, 1999King Fahd and Crown Prince Abdullah give Ramadan greetings
December 07, 1999Holy month of Ramadan announced for Thursday
December 07, 1999U.S. Secretary of State on brief visit to Kingdom
December 06, 1999King Fahd receives 35th annual SAMA report
December 06, 1999Council of Ministers meeting
December 04, 1999Commerce minister addresses WTO meeting in Seattle
December 04, 1999Kingdom continues to assist Bosnia, Kosovo
December 03, 1999New gas fields discovered
December 03, 1999Kingdom addresses UN on Middle East issues
November 30, 1999Ministers comment on GCC's 20th Summit
November 29, 1999Key oil producers pledge standby alert for Y2K problems
November 29, 1999Conclusion of GCC's 20th Summit
November 28, 1999GCC's 20th Summit opens in Riyadh
November 28, 1999Foreign minister announces unified GCC customs tariffs
November 23, 1999Commerce minister at Arab businessmen's conference in Tunis
November 23, 1999Royal decrees make changes in Governors and in Cabinet
November 22, 1999Crown Prince Abdullah interviewed in Lebanese magazine
November 22, 1999Arab social affairs ministers meet in Cairo
November 22, 1999Council of Ministers meeting
November 22, 1999King Fahd Airport soon to be operational
November 21, 1999Hajj delegation from Iraq part of Kingdom's preparations
November 20, 1999Islamic symposium in Austria ends with positive resolutions
November 20, 1999Oil minister denies excess production by OPEC countries
November 20, 1999IIASA holds Centennial seminar in Washington DC
November 19, 1999Geology workshop confirms gold deposits in Saudi Arabia
November 19, 1999Arabian Gulf waters assessed for quality
November 18, 1999Islamic affairs minister in Austria for symposium
November 17, 1999Saudi, Mexican and Venezuelan oil ministers meet
November 17, 1999Prince Bandar in South Africa with industry minister
November 17, 1999GCC defense ministers conclude conference
November 16, 1999Saudi-Egyptian Joint Commission meets in Cairo
November 16, 1999Prince Sultan in Dubai for GCC defense ministers meeting
November 15, 1999New desalination plants being built
November 15, 1999Council of Ministers meeting
November 14, 1999King Fahd orders aid to victims of Turkey's earthquake
November 14, 1999Supreme Economic Council holds second meeting
November 14, 1999Electricity workshop in Riyadh
November 14, 1999Gulf radio to cover upcoming GCC Summit
November 13, 1999French-Saudi symposium in Riyadh on Kingdom's railroad
November 13, 1999Agriculture minister addresses FAO conference in Rome
November 12, 1999Prince Sultan concludes official visit to France
November 11, 1999Electricity symposium makes recommendations
November 10, 1999New airport to be accessible by rail as well as road
November 10, 1999Prince Sultan in Paris, France
November 10, 1999Celebration of completion of STC's first projects
November 10, 1999SABIC plans year 2000 expansion in production and sales
November 09, 1999Kaabah washed for 1419 Ramadan
November 08, 1999GCC foreign ministers prepare for upcoming Summit
November 08, 1999Council of Ministers meeting
November 08, 1999Independent ID cards to be issued to Saudi women
November 08, 1999Deputy interior minister comments on Al-Khobar bombing
November 07, 1999Britain's Prince Andrew on official visit to Saudi Arabia
November 06, 1999Prince Sultan leaves Washington at end of U.S. visit
November 06, 1999Saudi-U.S. Business Council on Prince Sultan's visit
November 06, 1999Lebanon celebrates tenth anniversary of Taif Accord
November 06, 1999Fifth businessmen's conference opens in Riyadh
November 04, 1999Prince Sultan meets with U.S. President, Secretary of State
November 03, 1999Prince Sultan holds talks with U.S. Defense Secretary
November 02, 1999Prince Sultan arrives in Washington DC
November 01, 1999New investment regulations for non-Saudis announced
November 01, 1999Chinese President visits Saudi Arabia
November 01, 1999Symposium on sources of Islamic information
November 01, 1999Prince Sultan opens conference on desertification
October 31, 1999Supreme Economic Council holds first meeting
October 31, 1999Saudi aid to Kosovo continues
October 31, 1999SCI organizes technology transfer workshop
October 31, 1999Details issued of cooperative health insurance act
October 30, 1999Interior Minister interviewed by Kuwaiti newspaper
October 29, 1999Saudi Arabia pledges continued support to UNESCO
October 27, 1999Crown Prince Abdullah concludes tour of Madinah Province
October 27, 1999Crown Prince Abdullah opens new King Fahd Airport
October 25, 1999Crown Prince Abdullah visits SABIC plants at Yanbu
October 25, 1999Saudi electricity minister attends Cairo meeting
October 25, 1999Oil minister addresses mining symposium
October 25, 1999Council of Ministers meeting
October 25, 1999Saudi pharmaceutical conference in Riyadh
October 24, 1999Islamic seminar to take place next week
October 23, 1999Tax incentives for foreign investors
October 23, 1999Saudi participation in Middle East Institute seminar
October 22, 1999Royal Commission President attends GWU energy seminar
October 21, 1999Oil minister addresses symposium in Houston
October 20, 1999Prince Sultan comments on U.S. Defense Secretary's visit
October 20, 1999Ambassador Al-Gosaibi congratulates UNESCO winner
October 20, 1999New appointmnet to Higher Information Council
October 19, 1999King Fahd receives U.S. Defense Secretary
October 18, 1999Saudi Arabia assists Islamic centers overseas
October 18, 1999King Fahd receives visiting Palestinian President
October 17, 1999Mining workshop being held in Riyadh
October 16, 1999Kingdom soon to be declared free of polio
October 16, 1999GCC finance meeting in UAE
October 15, 1999Agriculture minister comments on World Food Day
October 15, 1999Saudi-Iranian statement on Muslim Parliament Federation
October 14, 1999Prince Bandar expresses appreciation of Kuwaiti honor
October 13, 1999Crown Prince Abdullah in Tunisia
October 12, 1999Joint Saudi-Algerian statemetn issued
October 12, 1999Foreign minister interviewed in Okaz newspaper
October 11, 1999Saudi Arabia sends scorpion vaccine to Sudan
October 11, 1999Council of Ministers meeting
October 11, 1999Prince Bandar honored by Kuwait
October 10, 1999Oil minister meets with Korean counterpart
October 10, 1999Prince Sultan bin Fahd Arab Athletics Federation Chair
October 08, 1999 Saudi soccer team wins in Olympic qualifying match
October 08, 1999Kingdom to celebrate World Post Day
October 05, 1999New Saudi schools planned for Italy and China
October 05, 1999Prince Sultan to visit United States and France
October 04, 1999Council of Ministers meeting
October 04, 1999Prince Faisal Arab Soccer Cup in Cairo
October 04, 1999U.S.-Saudi Business Council welcomes Prince Sultan
October 03, 1999Shura Council honors departing members, welcomes new
October 01, 1999Council of Ministers meeting
October 01, 1999Saudi Arabia's address to the 54th UN General Assembly
October 01, 1999Saudi-U.S. Business Council meeting in Washington DC
September 30, 1999King Fahd returns to Riyadh from his vacation in Spain
September 29, 1999Kingdom sends relief to flood victims in Sudan
September 28, 1999New Vice President for Youth Welfare named
September 28, 1999Arab Council for Childhood and Development meets in Cairo
September 28, 1999Saudi Development Fund issues annual report
September 27, 1999Council of Ministers meeting
September 21, 1999Business Council holds reception in Washington DC
September 20, 1999Crown Prince Abdullah in Madinah
September 20, 1999Kingdom sends aid to earthquake victims in Greece
September 20, 1999Official denial of Saudi support for Chechen rebels
September 20, 1999Council of Ministers meeting
September 19, 1999Investment seminar
September 19, 1999Saudi industry showing growth
September 18, 1999Council of Ministers meeting
September 17, 1999Royal Advisor opens rebuilt mosque in Sarajevo
September 16, 1999Joint press conference with U.S. Commerce Secretary
September 16, 1999Site of Bosnian mosque inspected by Royal Advisor
September 16, 1999Finance minister addresses Arab conference in Cairo
September 14, 1999Saudi Arabia helps in rehabilitation of Kosovo
September 13, 1999Arab Environment Day
September 13, 1999Secretary-General of Economic Council appointed
September 11, 1999Interior minister comments on Al-Sayegh case
September 10, 1999French Defense minister in Riyadh
September 10, 1999Saudi physician named to U.K. examination board
September 08, 1999Saudi surgeons participate in conference
September 07, 1999Kingdom observes World Literacy Day
September 07, 1999Industry minister in Iran for talks
September 06, 1999MoU signed on visas between USA and Saudi Arabia
September 06, 1999Prince Sultan in media interview
September 06, 1999Council of Ministers meeting
September 05, 1999Report on situation of Saudi industry
September 03, 1999Saudi Aramco reports tragic helicopter accident
September 01, 1999Prince Sultan bin Fahd to head Youth Welfare
August 31, 1999Late Prince Faisal honored
August 30, 1999Council of Ministers meeting
August 29, 1999Customs duties lifted on industrial imports
August 29, 1999Meeting of African foreign ministers attending UN General Assembly
August 28, 1999Tripartite oil ministers' meeting issues communiqué
August 28, 1999New Supreme Economic Council announced
August 27, 1999Report on population of Riyadh City
August 27, 1999Finance minister at World Bank
August 25, 1999Foreign minister tours GCC states
August 24, 1999Washington Embassy celebrates National Day
August 23, 1999Members of SEC consultative commission named
August 23, 1999Ministries report on water supply, plant life
August 23, 1999Sudden death of Prince Faisal bin Fahd bin Abdulaziz
August 23, 1999Council of Ministers meeting
August 22, 1999Aid to Kosovo Committee reports progress
August 21, 1999Prince Sultan reports on privatization of SAA
August 21, 1999Fifth GCC Youth Camp opens in Lebanon tomorrow
August 20, 1999Saudi Arabia sends emergency relief to Turkey
August 18, 1999GCC oil ministers meet in Riyadh
August 17, 1999Planning minister reports on non-oil sector growth
August 17, 1999Plan to standardize GCC passports
August 16, 1999Agricultural exports rise as imports drop
August 16, 1999Saudi efforts for Kosovo relief continue
August 16, 1999Council of Ministers meeting
August 15, 1999IDB approves new projects Worldwide
August 15, 1999Commerce minister at Group-77 conference in Morocco
August 15, 1999Commerce minister at Group-77 meeting in Beirut
August 15, 1999Saudi banks are preparing for Y2K
August 13, 1999Ministry Comments On Seventh Development Plan
August 13, 1999Council of Ministers meeting
August 12, 1999Kingdom continues to assist Kosovars returning home
August 12, 1999SPIMACO's Annual Report Shows Company's Success
August 11, 1999GCC foreign ministers issue communiqué
August 11, 1999Solar eclipse viewed from Riyadh
August 10, 1999Health minister comments on new medical insurance
August 09, 1999Non-oil exports show marked increase
August 09, 1999Council of Ministers meeting
August 09, 1999Kingdom's latest measures to help Kosovo
August 07, 1999New Private Sector Finance Company To Be Launched
August 05, 1999Saudi directory issued for Ninth Arab Games
August 04, 1999Kingdom continues to assist Kosovar refugees to return home
August 04, 1999Industry and trade conference planned for Taif
August 03, 1999Saudi horse wins English Derby
July 27, 1999Preparations begin for Hajj of 2000
July 27, 1999New Iron And Steel Plant To Open On Schedule
July 26, 1999Saudi Arabia's exhibit at Soccer Cup in Mexico
July 26, 1999Council of Ministers meeting
July 25, 1999Soccer Tournament to be named after Prince Faisal
July 25, 1999Saudi leadership condole death of Morocco's King Hassan
July 19, 1999King Fahd receives Spanish monarch at Marbella
July 19, 1999New Services Company Holds First Board Meeting
July 19, 1999Council of Ministers meeting
July 18, 1999Agfund sends urgent relief to Turkey
July 17, 1999King Fahd leaves Crown Prince Abdullah in charge
July 14, 1999Praise For New Public Company
July 14, 1999Saudi weather now on-line
July 12, 1999Talks Resume On Kingdom's Joining WTO
July 12, 1999Ambassador Al-Gosaibi addresses Vienna seminar
July 12, 1999Council of Ministers meeting
July 11, 1999Computer sales soar in Saudi Arabia
July 11, 1999IDB reviews ongoing assistance to The Gambia
July 10, 1999Prince Sultan at press conference in Kuwait
July 09, 1999Prince Sultan pays friendly visits to GCC states
July 05, 1999King Fahd inaugurates new session of Shura Council
July 04, 1999IIRO has collected over U.S.$ 2 million for Kosovo
July 04, 1999Finance minister in Austria for talks
July 03, 1999Agricultural Bank reports increased lending
July 03, 1999GCC foreign ministers meet in Jeddah
June 30, 1999APICORP Supports Industry In Arab World
June 30, 1999APICORP supports industry in Arab world
June 30, 1999OIC issues statement after Ouagadougou conference
June 28, 1999Shura Council inducts four new members
June 28, 1999Saudi-U.S. Business Council holds conference in DC
June 28, 1999WAMY announces Internet competition, new TV program
June 28, 1999Council of Ministers meeting
June 28, 1999Saudi-U.S. Business Council Holds Conference in DC
June 28, 1999New seismic stations planned by KAACST
June 27, 1999Islamic Saudi Academy marks its fifteenth year
June 26, 1999SPA to dispatch news and photos via Internet
June 26, 1999Donor program reaches 1,000 kidneys transplanted
June 24, 1999Saudi delegation participates in Y2K conference
June 23, 1999IIASA announces plans for Centennial seminar
June 23, 1999GCC planning ministers meet in Abu Dhabi
June 22, 1999Al-Kharj health center initiated by Prince Sultan
June 21, 1999Saudi Arabia's nominee for OPEC post
June 21, 1999Council of Ministers meeting
June 21, 1999KLM now offers flights between Riyadh and Amsterdam
June 21, 1999AIDS conference held in Abha
June 20, 1999Shura Council begins third year of second session
June 19, 1999SAA ready for Y2K
June 16, 1999Royal Decrees change composition of Cabinet
June 16, 1999Royal Decrees extend government posts
June 16, 1999Kingdom to observe Deseritification Day
June 16, 1999Saudi Industry Reports Progress
June 14, 1999Saudi Olympic Committee plans for ninth Arab tournament
June 14, 1999Council of Ministers meeting
June 13, 1999GCC foreign ministers meet in Riyadh
June 13, 1999Saudi Company Awarded Quality Certificate
June 11, 1999New higher education institutes to be set up
June 08, 1999Saudi Arabia continues as member of ILO
June 07, 1999Saudi Arabia and Egypt Sign Free Trade Agreement
June 07, 1999Finalization of Saudi-Qatari Border Agreement
June 07, 1999Council of Ministers meeting
June 05, 1999Crown Prince visits Egypt in conclusion of tour
June 04, 1999Saudi Arabia assesses its aid to Kosovar refugees
June 04, 1999Crown Prince Abdullah leaves Syria, visits Jordan
June 03, 1999Crown Prince Abdullah holds talks with Syrian President
June 02, 1999King Fahd leaves hospital in good health
June 02, 1999Crown Prince Abdullah arrives in Libya from Morocco
June 02, 1999Crown Prince Abdullah arrives in Syria from Libya
May 31, 1999Saudi Arabia continues relief for Kosovar refugees
May 31, 1999Council of Ministers meeting
May 30, 1999Anti-smoking day observed
May 29, 1999King Fahd undergoes medical checkup
May 27, 1999Crown Prince Abdullah arrives in Morocco
May 27, 1999King Fahd undergoes minor eye surgery
May 27, 1999Kingdom sends relief to Pakistani hurricane victims
May 26, 1999Crown Prince Abdullah meets with Pope
May 26, 1999Higher Education Minister visits Harvard and MIT
May 26, 1999Saudi and Italian foreign ministers hold talks
May 25, 1999Minister of Higher Education in Washington DC
May 25, 1999Saudi Chief of Staff given welcome at Pentagon
May 24, 1999Council of Ministers meeting
May 24, 1999Crown Prince Abdullah meets with Italian President
May 24, 1999Crown Prince Abdullah arrives in Italy on State visit
May 23, 1999GCC to observe 18th anniversary of its establishment
May 23, 1999Consumer imports on the rise
May 23, 1999Saudi aid to Kosovar refugees
May 23, 1999Riyadh to be named Year 2000 Arab Cultural Capital
May 21, 1999Saudi And South African Businessmen Sign MOU
May 21, 1999Crown Prince Abdullah in South Africa
May 21, 1999Saudi health center opens in Tirana
May 20, 1999Crown Prince Abdullah arrives in South Africa
May 19, 1999Iranian President concludes visit to Kingdom
May 18, 1999Iranian President visits Madinah, Eastern Province
May 17, 1999Royal Decree names Kingdom's new Grand Mufti
May 17, 1999Council of Ministers meeting
May 17, 1999Crown Prince at Centennial events in Jeddah
May 17, 1999Iranian President on State visit to Kingdom
May 14, 1999Kingdom honors the late Grand Mufti Sheikh bin Baz
May 13, 1999Another plane leaves for Albania
May 12, 1999Umm Al-Qura University celebrates fifty years
May 11, 1999IIRO makes appeal for families helping Kosovar refugees
May 10, 1999GCC heads meet in Jeddah for first consultative conference
May 09, 1999Women's charitable society presents Centennial exhibition
May 09, 1999Kingdom continues to send relief to Kosovar refugees
May 09, 1999Prince Sultan in Pakistan
May 08, 1999GCC to implement customs federation in two years
May 06, 1999More Saudi relief arrives in Macedonia
May 05, 1999Saudi Arabia continues to send aid to Kosovar refugees
May 04, 1999Prince Sultan received by Iranian President
May 04, 1999King Fahd donates funding for new cardiology center
May 03, 1999Council of Ministers meeting
May 03, 1999Prince Sultan on State visit to Iran
April 29, 1999King Fahd orders relief for refugees in Macedonia
April 28, 1999Centennnial events continue
April 28, 1999Finance Minister Addresses World Bank, IMF Meeting
April 28, 1999Kingdom continues relief aid to Kosovo
April 28, 1999Justice Minister in U.K. for Conference on Islam
April 28, 1999King Fahd and Crown Prince Abdullah receive Prince Philip of Great Britain
April 27, 1999Britain's Prince Philip honors Kingdom's Centennial
April 27, 1999Finance Minister Reviews Saudi Economy at IMF Meeting
April 27, 1999Relief for Kosovar refugees continues as planned
April 27, 1999Washington Embassy holds Centennial seminar
April 26, 1999Finance Minister at IMF and World Bank
April 26, 1999Council of Ministers meeting
April 26, 1999OIC delegation inspects refugee situation in Albania
April 25, 1999Report on Industrial Sector
April 22, 1999Kingdom Celebrates World Health Day
April 21, 1999Arab Higher Education Conference in Riyadh
April 21, 1999Arab Energy Ministers Meet in Cairo
April 19, 1999Saudi aid to Kosovar refugees
April 19, 1999Council of Ministers meeting
April 19, 1999Statement from Saudi Red Crescent Chairman
April 19, 1999Shura Council meeting
April 18, 1999Saudi Petrochemical Company Wins GCC Environment Prize
April 18, 1999Crown Prince Abdullah concludes Eastern Province tour
April 15, 1999Crown Prince Abdullah in Dhahran and Bahrain
April 14, 1999Saudi Red Crescent sends relief to Kosovo refugees
April 14, 1999Crown Prince Abdullah in Eastern Province
April 13, 1999Foreign Minister visits Iran
April 13, 1999Kingdom Celebrates 'Fight Against TB' Day
April 13, 1999Crown Prince Abdullah continues Eastern Province tour
April 12, 1999Council of Ministers meeting
April 12, 1999Finance Minister Comments on SDF Expansion
April 12, 1999King Fahd orders further aid to Kosovar refugees
April 11, 1999Crown Prince Abdullah on tour of Eastern Province
April 11, 1999Crown Prince Endorses National Campaign For Water Conservation
April 10, 1999WTO Team In Riyadh For Talks
April 08, 1999Prince Sultan Visits Heritage Village in Asir
April 06, 1999Prince Bandar comments on Lockerbie affair
April 05, 1999King Abdullah of Jordan on state visit to Saudi Arabia
April 05, 1999Crown Prince Abdullah Receives Marathon Delegation
April 03, 1999Prince Sultan speaks out on Kosovo situation
April 03, 1999Saudi Arabia sends relief to Kosovar refugees
April 02, 1999Commerce Minister in Japan to Consolidate Ties
April 02, 1999Education Minister Extends Eid Greetings to Students
April 02, 1999HAZMAT Treatment Centers To Be Set Up In Kingdom
April 01, 1999Agfund makes donation to Kosovo refugees
March 31, 1999Foreign Minister's visit to Russia
March 31, 1999Kingdom condemns massacre in Kosovo
March 25, 1999Pilgrims Move To Mina (Hajj 1419)
March 22, 1999Hajj inspection tours on schedule
March 21, 1999Prominent U.S. Islamic Personalities Perform Hajj (Hajj 1419)
March 20, 1999Prince Nayef's Statement Concerning Iraqi Pilgrims (Hajj 1419)
March 20, 1999GCC oil ministers meet in Abu Dhabi
March 19, 1999Assistance Given To Iraqi Pilgrims Arriving Overland (Hajj 1419)
March 18, 1999Crescent of New Month Observed (Hajj 1419)
March 17, 1999New Kiswah To Be Put In Place Tomorrow (Hajj 1419)
March 17, 1999Riyadh City Development Authority meets
March 16, 1999Finance Minister Addresses Riyadh Symposium
March 16, 1999Industry minister addresses chambers of commerce
March 16, 1999Hajj Committee Meets To Finalize Arrangements (Hajj 1419)
March 15, 1999King Fahd Hosts Pilgrims From East Europe (Hajj 1419)
March 15, 1999Council of Ministers meeting
March 15, 1999GCC ministerial council meets in Riyadh
March 14, 1999Call to observe crescent moon for Dhu Al-Hajjah 1419
March 13, 1999King Fahd receives Spanish Crown Prince, President Arafat
March 13, 1999Oil Minister Comments on Meeting at The Hague
March 13, 1999GIC meets in Riyadh
March 13, 1999STC to start pre-paid telephone card service
March 11, 1999King Fahd Hosts Pilgrims From Bosnia And Central Asia
March 10, 1999Saudi Businesswomen in Cairo for Conference
March 10, 1999Oil Ministers Meet at Shaybah and Issue Statements
March 10, 1999Organ Donation Symposium in Jeddah
March 10, 1999Crown Prince Abdullah inaugurates Shaybah Oilfield
March 10, 1999GCC 'Water Week' to be observed early
March 09, 1999Royal Court announces death of King Fahd's wife
March 08, 1999Report on Status of Kingdom's Industrial Sector
March 08, 1999Council of Ministers meeting
March 07, 1999Internet Unit At Islamic Research Center Inaugurated
March 07, 1999Saudi Leadership Condoles Bahraini Emir
March 04, 1999GCC communiqué condemns Iran's maneuvers
March 04, 1999Prince Sultan patronizes Madinah Centennial celebrations
March 03, 1999SAA announces expansion of flights
March 03, 1999Prince Sultan at King Faisal Prize ceremony
March 03, 1999Prince Saud Al-Faisal in Oman
March 02, 1999Donations to Bosnia continue to mount
March 02, 1999Prince Sultan addresses engineering conference
March 01, 1999Council of Ministers meeting
March 01, 1999Prince Sultan to attend Madinah Centennial celebrations
February 28, 1999New coach announced for Saudi soccer team
February 28, 1999Kingdom deplores current Israeli aggression against Lebanon
February 28, 1999First Pilgrim Flight For 1999 Hajj Arrives In Jeddah
February 28, 1999Saudi Arabia Participates In Blindness Conference In Cairo
February 27, 1999Saudi delegation at DC conference on corruption
February 27, 1999GCC protests Iranian municipality on UAE island
February 27, 1999Crown Prince Abdullah receives oil company presidents
February 27, 1999SAMA Governor denies rumors of currency problems
February 25, 1999Centennial seminar by Saudi students in U.K.
February 24, 1999Minister of State Appointed to Ports Authority
February 24, 1999Serving military personnel to receive Centennial medal
February 23, 1999Industrialists' Convention Opens In Riyadh
February 23, 1999Crown Prince Abdullah Inaugurates Storage Project
February 23, 1999Prince Sultan's Press Conference At Storage Project
February 22, 1999Commercial Flights To Resume Between Kingdom and Iran
February 22, 1999GCC Patent Office Opens In Riyadh
February 22, 1999Saudi Arabia and Canada Discuss Trade Relations
February 22, 1999Council of Ministers meeting
February 21, 1999Number of Telephone Lines Increasing Rapidly
February 21, 1999Prince Sultan receives U.S. head of joint chiefs of staff
February 20, 1999KACST Reports Progress On Long-Term Plan
February 19, 1999Education Minister At Rabat Conference
February 19, 1999Date Palm Trees Pollinated
February 18, 1999Islamic Broadcasting Moves Into New Jeddah HQ
February 17, 1999Kingdom Attends Geneva Meeting On Blindness
February 17, 1999PTT ministers from GCC states meet in Riyadh
February 16, 1999Military attaches greet Prince Sultan on Centennial
February 15, 1999Council of Ministers meeting
February 15, 1999Computer Show In Riyadh
February 15, 1999Royal Commission Encourages Private Industry
February 15, 1999Crown Prince Abdullah donates rare books to new library
February 14, 1999Arabic Encyclopedia In Second Edition
February 14, 1999Quintuplets Born In Dhahran
February 14, 1999Women's Activities in Jenadriyah Highly Successful
February 14, 1999Preparations For 1999 Hajj Well Under Way
February 13, 1999Prince Bandar speaks out on Lockerbie case
February 10, 1999Prince Bandar in Jordan to condole King Abdullah
February 10, 1999Civil Engineering Conference To Be Held In Makkah
February 10, 1999Kingdom urges Geneva states to discuss Jerusalem
February 10, 1999National Census Under Way
February 09, 1999Women contributing to Centennial celebrations
February 08, 1999Shura Council meetings
February 08, 1999Lebanon's prime minister visits Saudi Arabia
February 08, 1999Council of Ministers meeting
February 08, 1999Crown Prince Abdullah in Amman for King Hussein's funeral
February 08, 1999Crown Prince Abdullah in Amman
February 08, 1999Crown Prince Abdullah to undergo dental work
February 07, 1999U.S. Energy Secretary In Riyadh For Investment Talks
February 06, 1999Hajj Ministry Issues Book on Centennial
February 05, 1999Saudi delegation attends POW meeting in Geneva
February 05, 1999Private Sector Now Twenty Percent Saudi
February 05, 1999Saudi Doctor Appointed to U.S. Training Program
February 04, 1999Saudi Chambers of Commerce Issue Report
February 04, 1999SAA announces improved services to Lebanon
February 03, 1999Kingdom denies involvement in current strikes against Iraq
February 03, 1999New Petrochemical Company Open to Shareholders
February 03, 1999Proposal for private sector auto institute
February 03, 1999Housing Ministry Publishes Centennial Book
February 02, 1999UN Special Advisor Speaks Out on Islam
February 01, 1999Council of Ministers meeting
January 31, 1999Hajj Announcement Concerning Use of Fuel
January 31, 1999Arab interior ministers meet in Amman
January 29, 1999Jenadriyah Festival well attended
January 29, 1999Prince Salman gifts car to Abdulaziz museum
January 28, 1999Prince Sultan pays brief visit to Jordan
January 28, 1999U.S. Secretary of State visits Kingdom
January 27, 1999Prince Sultan at press conference
January 26, 1999Upcoming Centennial events
January 25, 1999Arab foreign ministers conclude meeting in Cairo
January 25, 1999Kingdom denies involvement in raid on Iraq
January 25, 1999Shell Submits Offer to Invest in Kingdom's Oil and Gas
January 22, 1999King Fahd inaugurates Centennial celebrations
January 22, 1999Jenadriyah Festival to open on January 23
January 22, 1999Air show to be part of Centennial celebrations
January 21, 1999Prince Salman's foreword to Centennial booklet
January 20, 1999'Aramco World' honors King Abdulaziz in special issue
January 20, 1999Eid Al-Fitr Celebrations in the United States
January 20, 1999King Fahd donates gifts to 'Darat'
January 14, 1999Kingdom's Exports Include Flowers and Produce
January 14, 1999King Fahd Receives Pakistani Prime Minister
January 13, 1999Sighting of Shawwal Crescent Anticipated
January 13, 1999Museum on Holy Mosques Planned in Makkah
January 12, 1999Saudi media make comments on Saddam Hussein
January 12, 1999Council of Ministers meeting
January 08, 1999Council of Ministers meeting
January 07, 1999King Fahd Arrives in Makkah for Last Days of Ramadan
January 07, 1999National Guard prepares for Centennial Jenadriyah
January 05, 1999Year-long soccer tournament for Centennial
January 05, 1999NCWCD plans Centennial celebration
January 05, 19991999 King Faisal International Prize Winners Announced