1998 News Story

Crown Prince Abdullah concludes visit to South Korea

Crown Prince Abdullah Ibn Abdul Aziz, Deputy Prime Minister and Commander of the National Guard, left Seoul today at the end of a three-day official visit to South Korea during which he was received by President Kim Tae-chung, held talks with Prime Minister Kim Chong-pil and a number of high-ranking Korean officials, and met with the Arab ambassadors accredited to the country. A joint communiqué was issued on the occasion.


Prior to his departure, it was announced that Crown Prince Abdullah had donated a sum of half a million U.S. dollars to the Federation of Muslim Societies in South Korea. The Federation's president, who was received today by the Crown Prince, briefed him on the situation of Muslims in South Korea and on a plan to establish a school for teaching the Holy Qur'an, Islam, and the Arabic language.
Earlier, Crown Prince Abdullah met with the ambassadors of Arab and Islamic states accredited to South Korea, and briefed them on the goals of his current world tour which has already covered Great Britain, France, the United States, China, and Japan. In his address to them he stated that the trip had been "highly successful in all measures", and that his talks had covered all issues of concern to the Arab World, in particular that of Palestine and Al-Quds [Jerusalem]. He added talks he has had with Arab leaders, either through personal meetings or by telephone, have generated feelings of optimism, and went on to underline the need for integration and strengthening of relations among Arab and Islamic nations, saying: "Islamic and Arab countries should not rely on others, but only on themselves to preserve their rights and their resources."