1998 News Story

Prince Sultan welcomed by armed forces

Prince Sultan Ibn Abdul Aziz was honored at a reception yesterday evening given by the Armed Forces on the occasion of his return to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia after a successful trip abroad for medical treatment. Asked at a press conference following the reception about the visit to Cairo last Thursday by Crown Prince Abdullah Ibn Abdul Aziz, Deputy Prime Minister and Commander of the National Guard, Prince Sultan stated:  "Every step taken by the Crown Prince is for the benefit of the country, the citizens, and the entire Arab world".   Commenting on the current UN-Iraq crisis, he said:  "We pray to Almighty God to guide our brothers in Iraq to the right way and make them comply with the resolutions adopted by the UN security council, in order to make the region avoid all possible evil consequences."  Prince Sultan expressed optimism on the possibility of continuing peaceful efforts for the settlement of the crisis and for a positive solution to be reached.