1998 News Story

Agriculture Minister at Cairo meeting

Minister of Agriculture and Water Dr. Abdullah Ibn Abdul Aziz Ibn Mu'amar, speaking yesterday in Cairo at the opening of the 25th session of the general assembly the Arab Organization for Agricultural Development, highlighted its achievements, saying the organization stands as a symbol for successful Arab cooperation, and referring to the dangers emanating from shortfall in food. Dr. Ibn Mu'amar went on to say that the Saudi government has extended the highest priority to the agriculture sector by specifying revenues for its development and is committed to supporting all organizations which contribute to the development of food production. He also noted the Kingdom's financial assistance to help the brotherly and friendly countries, such as its contribution to the world food program, the Arab fund for economic and social development, and the Islamic Development Bank, as well as to the Arab Organization for Agricultural Development.

In a separate development, it has been reported that Al-Safi Farm has been listed in the Guinness book of records as the largest dairy farm in the world. This is viewed as a great achievement accomplished by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in the field of agricultural development and food security.