1998 News Story

Preparations for 1418 Hajj continue

Minister of Pilgrimage Dr Mahmoud Safar yesterday inaugurated a museum of perambulation which displays a number of pictures illustrating pilgrims both past and present moving round the Ka'abah , as well as models of the two holy mosques and exhibits by government authorities that extend services to pilgrims.

Meanwhile, it was reported yesterday that a fleet of 12,000 buses is ready to transport pilgrims. Seven hospitals and over forty health centers, catering to more than 6,000 in-patients and attended by 10,000 doctors, both male and female, are being equipped by the Ministry of Health alone, with additional facilities provided by the health services of the National Guard and various military forces. The Ministry of Posts, Telephones and Telegraphs is planning to upgrade the telephone network for this year's Hajj to include a total of over 6,000 card-ready public phone booths.

It has also been reported that strict surveillance of health certificates will take place at all Saudi entry points, particularly for pilgrims coming from countries where diseases subject to international health statutes are endemic. Pilgrims are reminded that no food products whatsoever can be brought into the country at any time, except under regulations pertaining to commercial imports.