1998 News Story

SAA excels in catering for pilgrims

Saudi Arabian Airlines (SAA) has made plans to include in its catering for this year's pilgrimage flights six special menus reflecting different parts of the world, and will work around the clock to provide in-flight meals. The national airline's catering section, which also provides salt-free and cholesterol-free meals for those who are diabetic or have ulcers, is the first in the world to offer menu cards for passengers with special needs, and cards in braille for those who are blind. The airline has received the industry's highest award for these innovations. SAA, which imports only twenty percent of its total foodstuffs, has its own catering units in Jeddah, Riyadh and Cairo, and operates a joint venture in London. A facility in the Eastern Province will open to coincide with the launch of the King Fahd International Airport, while one in Madinah is under study.