1998 News Story

Saudi TV plans extensive coverage of 1418 Hajj

During the upcoming Hajj season, Saudi Television plans to provide live telecasts by satellite of the Standing at Arafat and the sermon to be given by the Imam of the Namira Mosque, as well as the movements of the pilgrims throughout the rituals; these will be produced in fifteen languages, thanks to collaboration with a number of other television stations. All of Saudi Television's reports on the Hajj will be transmitted in English as well as Arabic effective Dhu Al-Hijjah 7 (April 4, 1998), and the international news station CNN will undertake Hajj coverage in English on all of its channels in collaboration with the Ministry of Information. In addition, following the end of the Hajj , a comprehensive documentary program on the activities of the Hajj season will be prepared and broadcast on both channels of Saudi Television, in English and in Arabic.