1998 News Story

King Fahd speaks out in magazine interview

Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques King Fahd Ibn Abdul Aziz, in an interview with the magazine Al-Hawadeth to be published on Friday, affirmed that peace is a primary demand of all the peoples of the world and should therefore prevail everywhere, and expressed hope for the establishment of a Palestinian state with Al-Quds [Jerusalem] as its capital.

King Fahd is quoted as saying:  "We enjoy unlimited hope that God Almighty will help the establishment of a Palestinian state" adding: "The desired state will not however occupy its status in the hearts of Muslims and Christians if Jerusalem is not its capital". He expressed understanding of Syria's position, saying that it is a normal response to Israel's intransigence, which is impeding the peace process, that Arabs should not go further in normalizing relations with Israel unless real progress is made, primarily the establishment of the Palestinian state with Al-Quds as its capital.  In response to a question regarding the Saudi way to press for a halt of judaization of the eastern sector of Al-Quds, King Fahd said: "We believe in the fairness of our cause and the support of all peace-loving forces".
As for Lebanon, King Fahd praised the post-Taif political experience and expressed confidence that this Arab country is capable of performing the most difficult tasks.
Regarding the Saudi-Yemeni border issue, he declared that the technical committees for which the leaders of the two countries had set up the organizational basis need time in order to settle the problem in the best possible way for the sake of the deep-rooted Saudi-Yemeni relations, and denied that the work of the committees had been suspended.
King Fahd referred to the Saudi-Iranian relations as going well, and the cordial visits as leading to success.  The King also praised the Saudi-Egyptian-Syrian relations which he said were based on several firm pillars, and expressed hope that these would lead to benefits for all.
Commenting on the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC), King Fahd praised its objectives and hailed its efforts as being realistic and stable.
Expressing appreciation of the role of Arab information media, King Fahd recommended that media sources available abroad be utilized in order to address foreigners in their own language.
Responding to a question on the Consultative Council (Majlis Al-Shura), King Fahd said that the concept of shura is basic to Islam, and the members of the council are working as a team, each in his area of specialization, for the sake of God and nobody else.
On the saudization process, King Fahd explained that this is on-going, and not a new idea, and that employment of the Saudi work force is a national duty.