1998 News Story

All health services for 1418 Hajj now in place

The Ministry of Health has mobilized all its human and material potentials to provide full health care to pilgrims, including remedial and preventive medical services, through a network of health utilities and facilities in the holy city. The chairman of the Ministry's information and public relations committee, Dr. Abdullilah Saati, said that there are seven large modern hospitals in Makkah with a capacity of 2,070 beds, equipped with very modern medical systems and equipment, in addition to 73 medical centers providing health services around the clock, adding that in the holy places there are seven more hospitals and 83 medical centers; these have dedicated sections specifically for treating cases of sun-stroke and heat fatigue. At Arafat, there are 43 more medical centers, and three large fully-equipped hospitals with a capacity of 1,470 beds.

Meanwhile, the National Guard has announced that its health affairs department has, for the first time, reserved a channel on Arabsat satellite to connect its hospital in Mina with both King Fahd National Guard Hospital in Riyadh and King Khaled National Guard Hospital in Jeddah to diagnose patients, transmit x-ray photographs and laboratory test results, and seek consultation. The Mina hospital is constructed from fire-resistant fiberglass, and is equipped with a 24-hour intensive care unit. Built on an area of 256 square meters, it includes separate sections for women and men, a variety of clinics, and a laboratory. The hospital coordinates fully with other health sectors such as those of the Ministry of the Interior, and the Ministry of Defense and Aviation.