1998 News Story

Shura Council meeting

The Consultative Council (Majlis Al-Shura) held its first meeting today following the Eid Al-Adha holiday, and expressed satisfaction over the success of this year's pilgrimage season.   Chairman Sheikh Mohammed Ibn Ibrahim Ibn Jubeir noted that the death of a number of pilgrims at the Jamarat area in Mina does not distract from this success, and attributed the incident to failure of the pilgrims to adhere to the regulations set by security.
The meeting's agenda included a report submitted by the committee for educational, cultural and information affairs.  The council reiterated the importance of developing the capabilities and skills of Saudi members of academic staffs and of working to enhance their relations with the universities.  The council also underscored the importance of taking measures to protect citizens from all kinds of commercial fraud, calling for completion of the required measures for the establishment of non-government laboratories to undertake testing of commodities displayed in the Saudi market to assure that they conform with Saudi standards.  Finally, the council called for establishment of stock companies to facilitate investment by the citizens and enhance the role being played in this by the non-governmental sector.