1998 News Story

SAA not affected by Boeing 737 grounding

Assistant Executive for Marketing Affairs Ali Moharig, on behalf of the Director-General of Saudi Arabian Airlines (SAA), announced yesterday that the airline's scheduled flights had not been greatly affected by the temporary grounding of a number of Boeing 737 aircraft for inspection of fuel-tank wires.  The inspected aircraft had resumed flights after it was confirmed that they are free from any problem in line with the resolutions of the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) issued to all airline companies worldwide and within the framework of SAA's concern to ensure the safety of its passengers.   He went on to say that the arrival of 15 new aircraft, comprising three MD-90s, six Boeing 777s, two Boeing 747s and 4 MD cargo planes, had offered a high level of flexibility and provided ready alternatives to the grounded aircraft during the inspection period.