1998 News Story

Planning minister comments on Saudi development

Minister of Planning Dr. Abdul Wahab Ibn Abdul Salam Attar has commented on Saudi development in the preface to the 15th edition of 'The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia:  Achievements of the Development Plans', which covers growth by sector up to the end of 1997 and highlights major achievements and general development by sector as well as publishing statistical tables.  Dr. Attar stated that the Sixth Development Plan (1995-99), now over halfway through its implementation, focuses great emphasis on the development of human resources and private enterprise, and seeks to increase the capabilities of the citizens and enhance their skills to ensure their effective contribution in the development process.   Also targeted are expansion of investment, improvement in performance and manpower efficiency, and increased initiatives for the employment of Saudi manpower.  Remarking on the Kingdom's development process over the past 27 years, Dr. Attar said that the facts and figures included in the book reveal the considerable scale and comprehensiveness of the achievements that have spread their benefits to all citizens throughout the country.