1998 News Story

Prince Nayef meets with Kuwaiti information minister

Interior Minister Prince Nayef Ibn Abdul Aziz, who is also President of the Higher Information Council, met yesterday with visiting Kuwaiti Information Minister Yousef Al-Sumeit and his accompanying delegation, and reiterated that the fact that Kuwait has not yet signed the GCC security agreement will not impede security cooperation with it, noting Kuwait's reservation concerning Article 28 on extradition of citizens.  Prince Nayef went on to remark that extradition of a citizen who commits a crime, whatever his nationality, is a matter that serves the security and economy of both countries. Remarking that no society is immune to terrorist acts, he stated that the Saudi people and the Saudi government oppose terrorism in all its forms. Prince Nayef reiterated the seriousness of the Saudi security organs in combating terrorism, pointing to their success in detecting all terrorist acts.

Responding to a question on the possibility of foreign terrorist organizations carrying out acts of terrorism in the Kingdom, Prince Nayef said:  "Unfortunately what has taken place was by Saudi hands with the support of others."  He did not rule out, however, the possibility of links between terrorists in some Muslim countries and foreign authorities, adding: "It is a difficult matter to find material evidence for that."  He went on to say:  "It has been proved that any terrorist act that takes place under the cover of Islam benefits certain non-Muslim countries ..... it is painful that some Muslims have become tools in the hands of certain foreign authorities."
Prince Nayef made it clear that the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia will never tolerate becoming a den for activities that serve certain political purposes under the cover of Islam, and criticized the efforts of certain foreign countries to link all terrorist acts with Muslims, since certain terrorist leaderships have obtained facilities from certain foreign countries through obtaining entry visas or residence facilities.
Commenting on the possibility of the existence of relations between fundamentalist elements in Kuwait and in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Prince Nayef said:  "Some people try to exploit the environment of freedom prevailing in Kuwait and other countries in order to realize their goals ..... such people have no loyalty to their countries."
Prince Nayef expressed regret that some countries try to criticize the manner in which the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia ensures its security. The Kingdom's concern is always that of respecting human rights.  He categorically denied that Saudi authorities resort to inhumane means to obtain confessions from suspects. Prince Nayef confirmed the Kingdom's determination to continue its implementation of Islamic Shari'ah.   He praised the anti-terrorism agreement recently signed by Arab interior and justice ministers, and reiterated the determination of the Kingdom also to combat the phenomenon of drugs, urging the information media to play an effective role as regard to containment of this dangerous phenomenon.
Prince Nayef concluded by highlighting the existing fraternal relations between the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and Kuwait at both popular and official levels.