1998 News Story

Prince Salman comments on upcoming Centennial

In an article in the first edition of 'Al-Meawayah' published by Riyadh Province's general administration of education, Governor of Riyadh Province Prince Salman Ibn Abdul Aziz has stated that the upcoming centennial celebrations of the event that led to the founding of the modern Kingdom are intended to build up links with its history and contacts with its generations, saying: "It is the right of the young generation to explore the country and know about the struggles of their fathers and grandfathers so that this can serve them as an open window to continue this progressive march with foresight and vision. Any nation which neglects its history, traditions and models and isolates itself from its roots, will have no progress in the present or for the future." Prince Salman went on to note that the centennial celebrations will be a national event with both scientific and cultural perspectives, and help in reaffirming the great accomplishments realized by King Abdul Aziz.

Meanwhile, three more ambassadors have praised the achievements of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia from King Abdul Aziz right up to the current era of Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques King Fahd Ibn Abdul Aziz. In a statement broadcast by Radio Riyadh, first Algerian Ambassador to the Kingdom Mohammad Taqyah said that the King Abdul Aziz, through his wisdom, established a strong country and unified its citizens under the shelter of Islam. Next, Kuwaiti Ambassador to Spain Mohammad Al-Salal remarked that the Kingdom has become a cornerstone politically and economically not just at regional or Arab levels but also internationally. Then Egyptian Ambassador to Spain Ibrahim Hasan described Saudi Arabia's role as important and necessary to achieve the Arab goals in the region.