1998 News Story

King Fahd orders new equipment for hospital

Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques King Fahd Ibn Abdul Aziz has given orders for the

modernization of the center for cancerous tumors and radiation treatment at King Faisal

Specialist Hospital in Riyadh and the purchase at his personal expense of the most advanced

medical equipment available.  The hospital's administrative supervisor and executive director

Dr. Anwar Ibn Abdulmajeed Al-Jabarti, on behalf of the patients and staff of the hospital,

expressed thanks and appreciation, remarking that this order is prompted by the King's great

concern for health and medical establishments in the Kingdom.  He explained that the

purchases would include advanced digital computerized medical equipment for diagnosis,

which would help in pinpointing the specific locations of cancerous tumors and assist in the

radiation treatment.  Using this equipment would enhance the performance ability by 30 per

cent to an advanced level, on a par with radiation treatment units worldwide.
Dr. Al-Jabarti reported that the hospital is currently conducting on a daily basis 120 radiation

treatment sessions for cancer patients.  He noted that with the use of the new equipment, this

number would increase, thus benefiting more patients.   Since 1995, over nine thousand

patients have been treated at the hospital's tumor section, and just over eight thousand in the

radiation treatment section.  The hospital also has a number of tumor clinics in various parts of

the Kingdom in cooperation with other hospitals.