1998 News Story

Saudi-Yemeni joint committee

The Higher Saudi-Yemeni Joint Committee ended its two-day third session in Jeddah today

under the Co-Chairmanship of Prince Sultan ibn Abdul Aziz, the Second Deputy Prime Minister,

Minister of Defense and Aviation and Inspector General and Sheikh Abdullah bin Hussein

al-Ahmar, Speaker of the Yemeni Parliament.  A statement issued by the Higher Saudi-Yemeni

Joint Committee at the end of its third session said the two sides expressed mutual satisfaction

with the work of the border committees.  It said the Higher Committee discussed and evaluated

the progress of works and deliberations of other committees in the spirit of brotherhood and a

joint desire for resolving all outstanding issues.  The statement said the Committee approved

the date for the resumption of meetings.  

Meanwhile, Prince Sultan ibn Abdul Aziz endorsed  statements made by Sheikh al-Ahmar in which the Speaker of the Yemeni Parliament underlined that there was no link between events in Yemen during the past days and the Kingdom.  The Speaker described as “nonsense” reports circulated by some of the Yemeni mass media about the Kingdom's links to recent events in Yemen.   Sheikh al-Ahmar said the situation in Yemen is normal, adding that the events in Yemen during the past days were the natural reactions to the rise in prices of some commodities.