1998 News Story

Al-Quds Committee issues communique

In a communiqué issued in Casablanca tonight at the end of its 17th session, the Al-Quds Committee confirmed that the city of Al-Quds [Jerusalem] is an integral part of the Arab territories occupied by Israel in 1967, and that all legislative, administrative and settlement measures designed to change the legal status of the holy city are considered null and void, and contradictory to the resolutions of the United Nations.

The statement of the Committee, an affiliate of the Jeddah-based Organization of the Islamic Conference (OIC), reiterated that what Israel has done in Al-Quds constitutes a violation of the foundations of peace in the Middle East and a threat to world peace and security, as well as being considered an act of aggression.  The communiqué underscored the importance of supporting the Middle East peace process and demanding that Israel implement the agreements and commitments it has reached with the Palestinians in accordance with the Madrid conference and UN resolutions 242, 338 and 425 as well as the formula of land for peace, in a way that guarantees Israel's immediate, complete and unconditional withdrawal from all occupied Palestinian and Arab territories, not only from Al-Quds, but from southern Lebanon, and from the Syrian Golan Heights to the June 4, 1967 line. Further, negotiations on the Syrian and Lebanese tracks should be resumed from the point where they ceased.
The communiqué appealed to all countries to commit themselves not to move their  diplomatic missions to Al-Quds, in compliance with the UN resolution issued in 1980,  and called on Islamic countries who have taken steps towards establishing relations with Israel within the peace process to reconsider these relations, including the closure of missions and representatives' offices, until Israel complies with the UN resolutions and has carried out all the agreements and commitments it has reached with concerned parties involved in the peace process.
The committee denounced the recommendation issued by the U.S. House of Representatives that the United States recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel and move its embassy from Tel Aviv to the disputed holy city.  The communiqué expressed appreciation of the stand of the European Union not to import any products originating from Al-Quds and Israeli settlements in the occupied Arab territories, and appealed to other countries to follow suit.