1998 News Story

Friday sermon condemns terrorism

The Imam of the Holy Mosque in Makkah Sheikh Abdulrahman Al-Sideis today spoke out against terrorism, describing it as the most dangerous threat in the world today to both Muslims and non-Muslims.  Addressing worshippers before today's Friday prayer, Sheikh Al-Sideis said that the field of operations of the Islamic religion, which came directly from God through his messengers, encompasses the entire world, and its method is moderation.  He added that Islam would continue to be a comprehensive and eternal system of life, in spite of being defamed by Islamic extremists on the one hand and by secularists on the other. Sheikh Al-Sideis pointed out that the most flagrant kind of terrorism crystallizes when its perpetrators wear religious dress: this he rejected as utterly remote from the essence and significance of true Islam. He went to draw attention to the existence of non-Muslim terrorism which has reached an intolerable level, citing the terrorism of Israel and its expansionist measures to judaize Jerusalem and alter the demographics of the Holy City of Al-Quds, site of Islam's first kibla [direction of prayer] and its third holiest place.  He also cited the terrorism of the Serbs against the innocent Muslims of Kosovo.