1998 News Story

Prince Sultan continues tour of provincial cities

Prince Sultan Ibn Abdul Aziz, Second Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of Defense and Aviation and Inspector-General returned to Riyadh this evening after several days touring Qassim Province and inaugurating a number of development projects. Today Prince Sultan patronized the inauguration ceremony for the Al-Dawadmi water project which will provide water for 74 villages in the province, then laid the foundation stone for the first phase of the Al-Dawadmi sewage project. Yesterday he laid the foundation stone for Al-Bada'ei hospital, inaugurated the Mosque of King Abdul Aziz which will accommodated 9,000 worshipers and is being constructed at the expense of Sheikh Mohammed Ibn Salih Al-Sideis, and patronized the opening of Qassim Province's new broadcasting station.

At a press conference on Monday after he laid the foundation stone for the new Prince Abdullah Festival Hall in Al-Baikairiya, Prince Sultan expressed appreciation for the warm reception given to him in Qassim Province, noting that the Saudi leadership is always open to the citizens and adding that this open-door policy has been known in the Kingdom since the era of its unifier King Abdul Aziz. Prince Sultan reiterated the Kingdom's determination to implement the teachings of Islam, and pointed out that the Saudi leadership would always be concerned with taking the country along the path of progress.
During his visit to Qassim Province, Prince Sultan also opened the new Unayzah municipality and laid the foundation stone for an educational complex in Unayzah, inaugurated the College of Sciences at the Buraidah branch of King Saud University, and patronized the inauguration ceremony of the 6th batch of graduates of the Qassim-based Royal Technical Institute at Al-Mamlidah, an affiliate of the Saudi Armed Forces. Prince Sultan also inaugurated the Pharmaceutical Development Center, on which occasion he praised the plant's high-level production of medical supplies that have passed with distinction tests conducted at hospitals of both the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Defense, and classified it as one of the most important drug manufacturers in the Kingdom.
One important event was the laying of the foundation stone for the expansion of Qassim's central power generation station and the establishment of a 132-kilowatt transfer power station at a total cost of SR 709 million (U.S. $ 189.06 million). Prince Sultan also laid the foundation stone for a 100-bed hospital for the Qassim Medical Services Company. This hospital will provide medical services to more than one million people and create jobs for more than 400 in administrative, medical and technical fields.
Meanwhile, Governor of Qassim Province Prince Faisal Ibn Bandar Ibn Abdul Aziz announced that Prince Sultan had made a donation to the Prince Sultan Center for Heart Diseases in Buraydah.