1998 News Story

Interior minister addresses Manpower Council

Minister of the Interior Prince Nayef Ibn Abdul Aziz yesterday addressed, as its Chairman, the third meeting of the Manpower Council, and underlined the significant role being played by the private sector in the process of the Kingdom's economic development. In particular, he praised the acceleration of the Saudization process in the nation's companies and establishments. Speaking on the occasion, Secretary-General of the Manpower Council Dr. Hussein Al-Hazimi referred to the Council's first meeting in 1996, and the recommendations adopted by it for increasing recruitment of a national workforce in the private sector, and to the second meeting in 1997 which set out the means for their implementation. He noted that the third meeting is witnessing the implementation of most of them.

In his address, Prince Nayef highlighted the Kingdom's achievements whereby the Saudi people have moved from ignorance to knowledge, from poverty to wealth, and from instability to stability. Noting that contemporary life requires acquaintance with facts and how to deal with them, he pointed out that Islam advocates development and progress, investment of all available potential, and the acquisition of knowledge.
Prince Nayef then awarded prizes for Saudization to companies from a wide range of sectors: finance and banking; gas and electricity; petroleum and downstream industries; building and construction; transportation and communications; health, education, and training; agriculture, services and maintenance; and non-profit organizations.
The Interior Minister described the meeting as embodying a national responsibility shared by all, and urged the country's young people to obtain qualifications and fill jobs in the private sector, even if they consider the salaries to be low, pointing out that once they prove that they are qualified and show they are punctual, then their salaries will be raised.
Asked about the issue of Osama Bin Laden and his links with the Afghan Taliban movement, Prince Nayef said: "Bin Laden is not a Saudi, and I speak only about Saudis."