1998 News Story

SAA to expand services

Following the arrival of all 61 of the new aircraft it has ordered, 35 of which have been delivered so far, there will be considerable expansion of routes offered by Saudi Arabian Airlines (SAA), including flights to Athens, Malaga, Nice, Milan, and Alexandria, by the summer of 1999. Moreover, during the upcoming Holy Month of Ramadan [which begins December 19, 1998] the airline will be operating 24 extra flights from Dhahran International Airport to Jeddah. Most of the planes for these extra flights will be the Boeing 777-200s which have recently joined the SAA fleet.

During the first nine months of 1998, SAA transported 9.7 million passengers on over 76,000 flights. The western region topped the list with 2.7 million passengers on 19,000 flights, followed by Riyadh with 2.5 million passengers on nearly 18,000 flights. During this period, more than 3,000 staff were trained, and the airline opened new booking offices in a number of cities within the Kingdom and abroad.
Meanwhile, SAA's Director-General Dr. Khalid Ibn Bakr was received yesterday by Crown Prince Abdullah Ibn Abdul Aziz, Deputy Prime Minister and Commander of the National Guard, to whom he presented a memorial plaque marking the Crown Prince's world tour, which he made aboard a Saudi Arabian Airlines plane. The journey, from September 13 to October 27, 1998, took him to London, Paris, Casablanca, Washington DC, Honolulu, Beijing, Chian, Shanghai, Tokyo, Seoul and Lahore.